The absence of bilingualism in “multicultural” schools of Marosvásárhely/Tirgu Mures. Parents in Marosvásárhely for bilingualism

Marosvásárhely / Tîrgu Mureș, January 15, 2010.℘

In 2010 January a group of Marosvásárhely/Tirgu Mures parents whose children study in “Dacia” School, “Europe” High School,  “Liviu Rebreanu” High School and in the No. 2 Primary School surveyed the languages projected by these schools, and found an utter lack of Hungarian language inside or outside their buildings in what concerns public interest messages, bulletin boards, and in the entire communication of the schools toward the children.
The fact that Hungarian children can study in their mother tongue in mixed-language schools, does not mean that the Hungarian community’s language rights are fully respected.  Marosvásárhely’s mixed-language education schools are limiting language rights of Hungarian children solely to their classroom studies.  School communications, their linguistic landscape do not reflect at all the Hungarian children’s presence in these schools.  As example the façades of the schools, their bulletin boards, and their publications are solely monolingual (Romanian only).More the 200 parents has signed the petition (50 signatures/school) requesting the usage of the Hungarian language in school communications, inside the school environment and on the exterior, on the facade of the school, on different school buildings, and generally within the entire communication scene.
Should the schools choose to refuse the present request, or if they do not respond within the time prescribed by law (30 days), the parents are prepared to turn with their legitimate claim to higher authorities and are prepared to take further steps for the language rights of their children.  This, to make sure that at those schools where their children are studying true multiculturalism and multilingualism is to appear.  These rights are guaranteed by the Local Administration Act No. 2001/215 regarding public institutions, the Constitution, and by the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages ratified by Romania through the Act No. 2007/282.