CEMO’s Advocacy Program has been developed in order to balance our Training and Education Program and make our overall objective become viable and realistic.

CEMO is planning to advocate for active participation of people with the aim to change people’s present attitudes and make them feel more responsible for what is happening in their life and around them.

We firmly believe that advocacy efforts – especially those using a rights-based approach – can bring diverse members of the community together to work for a common purpose or agenda. Our Advocacy Program contains different activities such as: Advocacy Campaigns, Public Awareness Campaigns, Lobby, Public Forums, Case studies and monitoring, Research and Development.

Advocacy Campaigns
CEMO will implement advocacy campaigns in order to promote the core values of European citizenship and influence the local as well as national institutions to develop into more democratic, transparent and “citizen-oriented” institutions.

Public Awareness Campaigns and Public Forums
CEMO is planning to design and implement public awareness campaign with the aim to encourage active participation of citizens.


Public Forums

Case studies and monitoring

Online Advocacy
Nonprofit advocacy is an important contribution of the civil society to people. There are well-developed methods to promote causes, build communities and defend human rights. Advocacy is not only about winning, and a sense of community does not depend exclusively on victories. Sometimes advocacy efforts are important to take on even when the chances seem totally impossible and there is little possibility of success.

One of the more up to date developments in nonprofit advocacy has been the development of online advocacy techniques. Also called electronic advocacy, Internet Advocacy and Activism Online, these techniques use the Internet and other types of high technology to promote policy change. The role of online activism in the present-days is extremely important. It provides an easy way for citizens to become involved in political opinions from a community to a national and international level.

CEMO has developed its online activism program with the aim to promote a sense of community and support the people to move towards a just future for their community. CEMO will group its online advocacy activities into four interrelated processes: Gathering and Analyzing Information, Educating and Developing Awareness, Organizing and Coordinating Supporters, and Applying Pressure. These four functions will allow an advocacy campaign to make the best use of technology and move the effort forward.

Through its online advocacy program CEMO will focus primarily on issues that are affecting the local community and will seek to make people aware of where the troubles are and what is possible to be done in order to bring change.