Romanian Consulate General in Milan discriminates Hungarians from România

Milan, 7th of May, 2020.℘

Our organisation’s legal aid service was recently contacted by a Hungarian young lady from România, Szeklerland (V.B.) living in Italy, who wanted to get a declaration stating that there is no impediment to the marriage with a diplomatic over-authentication (Nulla Osta al Matrimonio) and a certificate of a Romanian driving license. A member of the Consulate then dismissed V.B. request that it turned out our client can not speak Romanian. V.B. in vain he tried to argue (in Italian, English) that he had left Romania as a child, her mother tongue is Hungarian, but his mother could translate, the consulate staff said that an official interpreter should be hired, the mother could not translate.

V.B. he then contacted our organization’s legal aid service. In a complaint, CEMO called on the Consulate to issue the requested documents, arguing that civil rights would not be void, the laws guaranteeing civil rights must be applied (rule of law), regardless of whether or not someone knows the official language of the state of origin. Due to the intervention of CEMO, the case was solved, the consulate issued to Miss V.B. required documents.

V.B. letter of thanks:                                                Consulate response (excerpt):