Promoting Active Participation and Volunteering

Szováta/Sovata 21-30 October 2007℘

In 2007 October CEMO organized a Training called “Promoting Active Participation and Volunteering” which has brought together 25 participants from six different European countries, with the aim to foster greater participation of the youth in the civic life of their community through promoting active participation and volunteering. The objective of the training program has been to share exchange and good practices and build capacity as well as acquire new skills in the field volunteering and active participation. The activities of the Training Program have started in 21 October 2007 and ended on 30 October 2007. There were participants from Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Denmark, and England.

The Training Program has been divided into two main subjects, namely that of the Volunteering and Active Participation. During the first part of the Program, the first 3 and half days, were dedicated to the subject of Volunteering, which has been followed by a trip organized to Sibiu the Cultural Capital of Europe 2007, the activities continued with the elaboration of the subject of Active Participation/Citizenship as well European Citizenship, in the last 3 and half days. The Program has ended with a Multicultural evening where the participants have had the opportunity to make a presentation on their Region or country as well prepared a meal or dish characteristic to the Region where they live.