Opportunities for the assertion of minority-rights

Sepsiszentgyörgy /  Sfântu Gheorghe, 20 February 2010.℘

Ms. Enikő Szigeti, the Executive Director of the Civic Engagement Movement (CEMO) has held an interactive presentation at Sepsiszentgyörgy/Sfântu Gheorghe about the opportunities for assertion of minority-rights.  After presenting the CEMO, Enikő Szigeti made the participants realize the importance of individual responsibilities, the importance of local community initiatives and she convinced those who were present that they themselves should attempt to assert and practise their own rights.  “The relationship between the state and minority is like a bad human relationship, and it can be solved only by the minority itself” – Ms. Enikő Szigeti stated.  The instruments and modalities will become visible and available as soon as we have taken the decision that we want to do something in order to assert and to put into practice our rights.