How can you help

The Civic Engagement Movement (CEMO) was built up with voluntary work and has been operating with devotion for three years already. We did not have employees, do not have an office, what we do have is enthusiastic volunteers who put a lot of effort, energy and time into this organization. We can state with dignity that it deserved our efforts: our organization has improved much, and we succeeded to plant hope in the members of our community.
Now we have arrived to crossroad where it is of vital importance the strengthening of our organization. CEMO has started its process of evolution, but still is very fragile and needs the support of the community.
CEMO believes that we do not need any political party in order to be able to use our mother tongue, to maintain our human dignity and to be able to live with our human rights. What we do need is to discover our power, our hidden potentials, and our forgotten voice. CEMO offers help for these. We do not offer a wonder-substance, but we can help in showing the road on which we can live with our rights.
If you consider the work of the CEMO useful and you agree with our goals: to create a community that can be characterized with solidarity, tolerance and real multiculturalism, then please support the existence of our organization and the maintenance of our independency with your donation.

Four reasons to support CEMO:
1. CEMO is the only grassroots advocacy organization in Transylvania.
2. CEMO is effective, quick and is capable to articulate the opinion of the community.
3. CEMO is independent.
4. CEMO believes in change and is active in order to achieve positive changes in the life of the community where we are working.

Donating money
Your donation is spent to cover administrative costs, our awareness raising campaigns, or for buying instruments that are important for our work.
Donating instruments /technical equipment
Any kind of instruments /technical equipment that can be used during office/work or service is useful for us.

Join the CEMO!
Join the CEMO and help to change our society!
As volunteer you can help in fulfilling administrative tasks, translation, organizing different events as trainings or awareness-raising campaigns; if you do not like these tasks, contact us and we will find out something different and special for you.
If you would like to join our organization, please send an e-mail to the following e-mail address:!

Participate in a CEMO action!
“It might be funny to write letter for persons who are leading authoritarian regimes – but it is unpleasant even for dictators to receive and read these letters.”  Sting
With our actions we would like to spread the message that human rights cannot be violated without having consequences, and that laws, international conventions and human rights in general need to be taken into consideration.  If you would like to participate in our actions please send an e-mail to the following e-mail address:!