About CEMO

Our Organization

Our society is still suffering from the long lasting imprint of communism which atomized society and crushed people whenever possible. In Romania the transition to democracy has been slow, people are not participating actively in the life of their community they do not volunteer their time to get involved in issues with major concern.  Citizens do not trust other people and certainly do not trust political authorities.  They have little faith in their governing institutions and do not display the tolerance and solidarity that is one of the main features of the democratic citizen.  We are still witnessing a deep distrust of all formal institutions by citizens in the post-communist world.  Moreover, in many respects democratic institutions have failed to live up to citizen expectations, resulting in a withdraw  from public life for many post-communist citizens.

Civic Engagement Movement is an NGO that was founded by a group of activists and intellectuals who are firmly convinced that there is a great need to educate, advocate and sustain the large public in order to bring significant change in the present life of the society.

We believe that there is an urgent need to begin and maintain an extensive and hard struggle for change hoping that our efforts will contribute to the development of new attitudes, norms and values regarding the rights and obligations of citizens. We anticipate that in the upcoming years people will be able to become more active and engaged and they will be ready to take part and play a key role in the course of democracy.

Our Mission

The mission of the Civic Engagement Movement (CEMO) is to actively and effectively contribute to the encouragement and increase of rights-based attitude within the society trough advocacy, community development and civic education.

CEMO is an NGO that was founded to promote civic engagement as well as informed, active citizenship and nevertheless solidarity, tolerance and diversity and greater participation in democracy and society through a combination of public awareness projects, advocacy projects, civic education, community development projects, research, discussions and debates. It encourages increased democratic participation by all the community members with a special emphasis on the young generation, through the education of active citizenship and civic engagement.

Civic Engagement Movement works towards its mission trough 3 major approaches:

1. Advocacy
2. Training and Education
3. Bilingualism in Administration and Education